Dove Japan - Care Conditioner Refill 350g - 5 Types

Brand from Japan: Dove Japan. It is refill, no bottle. Moisture: Dove's 2 way care provides moisture inside and outside the hair. Enchantingly smoothing hair. Moisture milk EX (moisturizing ingredient) blends into hair and penetrates to the inside, delivering moisture. Wrap the outside of the hair like a veil to protect the moisture. Damage: Dove's 2 way care firmly repairs and protects the inside and outside of damaged hair. Naturally derived macadamia nut oil (moisturizing ingredient) formulation. Penetrates easily to the tips of hair and repairs and moisturizes the inside. Repairs and protects cuticles damaged by perm and color. Gentle Smooth: With a prescription containing rosemary extract (moisturizing ingredient). Moisturizes and penetrates bare hair after shampooing. Delivers moisture to the inside for natural glossy hair. Slightly fragrant. Dove's 2 way care makes the inside and outside of the hair moisturized. Leaving it healthy and naturally glossy. Dove's skin care concept is used to gently moisturize hair. For smooth hair that can be washed gently. Waviness: Dove's 2 way care moisturizes and smoothes the inside and outside of the hair. Naturally derived coconut oil (moisturizing ingredient) combination formula. It penetrates into the inside of the hair, delivers moisture and gives cohesion. Adjusts the outside of the hair and suppresses swells and habits. Volume: Dove's 2 way care for moisturized and bouncy light hair. Oxygen bonded smooth moisturizing ingredient formulation. To penetrate to the inside of the hair, the hair until moistened to come together. To lightly bouncy hair wraps around the outside of the hair How to use: Refill the empty bottle.

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